Thursday, January 7, 2010


Donut Shop

These images were painted in photoshop.
All these images were also done in a very short time
to come with four perspective views. This is only one of them.
Need a lot of practice with PS... I will get better..


This project was fun I did not get the result
that I was looking for. This project has a lot of problems
scale, shapes, and edges, etc. However, that's what I did.
not really proud for this project. There wasn't enough
time for me to do better...

Kitchen Project

This project I did in my visual development class
base on the Gary Soto story in the 1950's. I did use a lot
of reference, but probably not enough.
This project was very intense and time consuming ,
which I never really knew. I came with this design which
I don't really like much, but I will get better. I did learned
a lot in this class: The process to do a concept design.

Few more sketches

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Landscape sketches


These were some of my first sketches that
I did two year ago. I enjoyed doing them and I
will keep doing them for the rest of my life

Figure drawing

Here are some of the figure drawing that I have done.
I never thought that the figure were so hard to draw
I was struggle with but I will get better at it.
I am going to practice, practice and practice.
There is no end


I really enjoyed doing this project. I think that this
was different because I had chosen a scene, and I
chose to do a rain forest. It was a lot of fun to paint.

First time using acrylic

This project was really intense because it was my fist time
using acrylics and there were not much time available.
Plus trying to much the right value was crazy.
At the end this was a really good practice. Here
are the black & white and color plus some of the
small comps I had to create before the finish one.


on top that I used from BARBARA MORGAN
"Martha Graham, El Penitente, Erick Hawkins
Solo as El Flagellant, 1940"

These images I did for the class and
I had a lot of fun doing them. Even thought,
the illustration are not well done.
This class helped
me the most to understand contrast and squint
and also where I first start drawing and sketching.
Thank you John Clapp for everything.